Hey there, friends! I'm Shannon, an army wife, mom of 3 littles, and total book nerd. My hubby, Garrett, and I have been doing life together since 2013, but we actually grew up together in a (once) little town called Gainesville, Virginia. It was there that we said, "I do" and started our own journey, going wherever the Army takes us and creating a beautiful life filled with joy (and a little splash of mayhem)!

Whether it's waking up to watch the sun rise on the beach, or snuggling on the porch with a cup of chai and my hubby, I'm all about appreciating little quiet moments in my everyday life. Photography is just one of my many creative outlets, but one that allows me to document genuine, authentic moments in others' lives, too. A few of my other hobbies are practicing yoga, taking adventures with our kids, and decorating our home!

Lifestyle Photographer &  Blogger

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Sweet Nothings & Soft Kisses



Our chunky-cheeked rainbow baby. Lives for milk and giggles.


Voted most likely to make a mess. Big heart & handsome smile!


Sassy, sweet, and smart! Loves candy and anything unicorn & mermaid!


My best friend, my main squeeze! This guy is the glue that holds us together.





Here's a collection of a few of my favorite things! Scroll through to learn a few fun facts about me!



It doesn't matter how busy I am during the day, I always make time to enjoy a cup of tea and kick back with a book! Reading is my favorite way to decompress and relax before bedtime. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, too!



coffee & tea


Whether it's a spiced chai latte or cafe au lait, I've always got a hot drink in my hand! Something about cozy drinks makes me dream of snuggling up by the fire with my favorite blanket and a good book. Perfection!




If there's one thing I maybe have a habit of buying, it would be shoes. All kinds! Currently LOVING mules and ankle boots in soft nude suede. Also a huge fan of leopard print flats!




Nothing makes me feel more feminine than a good spritz of perfume. I've got three that I wear often: L'Eau D'Issy, Roses de Chloe, and Ralph Lauren Romance. Scents with vanilla, gardenia, and freesia notes are my favorite!



Between tacos & 15 foot Saguaros, desert life was pretty perfect! 


History, rolling hills, horses, and wine. And don't forget the beach!


Magnolia Market, San Antonio, El Paso & more. We went everywhere!

South Carolina

Spanish moss, sunshine, and amazing food! Does it get any better?


"Life is not about finding yourself; it is about creating yourself."