Spencer + Cristen | Lakeside Winter Engagement

“When you find the one, never stop looking for ways to fall in love again every single day.”

Truer words were never spoken! When I met with Spencer and Cristen, it was obvious that their relationship is incredibly important to them. Not just the wedding (though all that planning is super fun), but preparing for their actual marriage! They’re the couple that really takes the time to connect and set aside time for one another, and speaking from experience, that’s what marriage is all about!

Since we had four miles to hike, we all managed to get in a lot of great conversation! Spencer told me about how his friendship with Cristen evolved into romance, and how he just knew she was the one from the start.

Can we all get a collective “awwww”?

I also learned that they are both photographers– a soon-to-be husband and wife wedding photographer team, where Cristen also works closely with women to empower them to love their own bodies through boudoir photography. How cool is that?!

It took us about 45 minutes to get to the lake shore but OH MAN was it worth every cold, dreary minute. Long Hunter State Park boasts several trails that span the local lakes, and it was spectacular to get out into nature and capture these two lovebirds’ romance on camera! The “beach” we found was covered in huge, sandy colored rocks and even had the stereotypical fallen tree– perfect for awesome portraits (in my humble opinion). There were beautiful, tiny seashells in every shape and color, which made it feel less like Tennessee, and more like the coastal Carolinas!

Once we were settled on the beach (and thoroughly freezing our butts off), Spencer and Cristen fell right into rhythm and totally rocked their session! Everything felt so effortless for them, and let me tell you, it was no easy feat to twirl and walk on those massive stones in the freezing cold and wind. But they were cute, and romantic, and all the mushy things that I love so much! Take a peek at their sweet engagement session below!

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